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Also referred to as opener, icebreaker is a short activity or game designed to help participants, particularly strangers, of a learning or training event to overcome initial anxiety. It is a facilitation exercise intended to help participants to know one another and to begin the process of forming themselves into a team. It can be either a fun activity or one tied to specific topics or training goals. [1]

Toolkit.png How do Icebreakers work


Functions of Icebreakers

Openers/Icebreakers contribute four basic functions to a group:

  • Individual development - by encouraging alternatives, coping mechanisms and thinking.
  • Team building - bonding through the completion of a task.
  • Networking while becoming acquainted.
  • Icebreaking - reducing tension and breaking the link with the workplace by focusing the attention of learners to the classroom.

Basic Types of Icebreakers

  • Openers/Icebreakers that get people talking to each other for better communication.
  • Openers/Icebreakers that generate familiarity and cooperation through problem solving and successful task completion.
  • Openers/Icebreakers that introduce concepts to be covered by the course in greater depth. [2]

Job Aid

Pdf.png Icebreaker

MATERIAL.png Additional Materials
Pdf.png 100 ways to energize groups

Link icon.png Web Resources
Below you have a list of selected websites where you can find some interesting examples of icebreakers:
Link Content
Ball around the world Article that describes a very simple activity to replace the boring round of table of self-introductions at the beginning of an international workshop: Ball around the world.
Icebreakers, Warmups, Energizers, & Deinhibitizers Several examples of icebreakers descriptions and websites.
Games and Exercises UNICEF report on games and exercises. Sectionc I and II have several examples of icebreakers.
Icebreakers A compilation page of icebreakers suggestions in a wiki on the KM4dev site.


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