Working Memory

Working Memory

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The term refers to a brain system or a theoretical structure where information is temporarily stored and manipulated or processed. Working memory used to be referred to as a short-term memory.

Working memory is generally considered to have limited capacity as it normally holds between 5-7 pieces of information that is kept for around 10-15 seconds. If the information is processed into schemas, then these schemas with information can be stored into long-term memory (LTM). Schemas are basically mental images of the world, so many of these schemas will be interrelated and they will be activated at the same time depending on the information. There is a constant exchange of information between these two memories, both retrieval and transfer.

[1] See also: Cognitive Load

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How to add information from your working memory to your long-term memory (Video, 2.40 minutes) This video gives you a few tips on how to get knowledge to stick and how to facilitate the process of transfering information from your working memory to your long-term memory.


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