Utilization-Focused Evaluation

Utilization-Focused Evaluation

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Is based on the assumption that an evaluation must be judged by its utility and actual use. In consequence therefore, evaluators should facilitate the evaluation process and design the evaluation taking into consideration how everything that is done from beginning to end will affect use.

Utilization focused evaluation concerns itself with how people in real- world situations apply evaluation findings and "experience" the evaluation process. The goal of utilization- focused evaluation is therefore "intended use" of the results of an evaluation by "intended users". Utilization focused evaluation requires moving from the passive premise of informing an audience to the active concept of working intended users so as to meet to their information needs. This entails identifying the intended primary users and clarifying their commitment to concrete specific uses.[1]

Utilization focused evaluation helps the primary intended users select the most appropriate evaluation model, content, and methods for their particular situation.[2]


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