Strong Wind Blows

Strong Wind Blows

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Game meant to allow individuals to introduce themselves in a group and to learn something about the others. One by one, participants stand up and say something true about themselves starting with “Strong wind blows for anyone who…”. Then, all the others having the same characteristic stand up and run to find another place to sit. The game is similar to “musical chairs”, in which the players fight to find a free chair, since there are less chairs than participants (the number of chairs corresponds to the number of players minus one). Strong Wind Blows can be a useful tool to let a group find common characteristics in a funny way. This game can be used as an icebreaker as well as a way to introduce the topic of the workshop the participants are attending. [1]

Toolkit.png Conducting a Strong Wind Blow exercise

Step by Step

  1. Let participants sit in a circle with no empty chairs.
  2. The facilitator, who has no chair, starts the game by making a true statement about him/herself, beginning with “Strong wind blows for anyone who...”
  3. Once the statement has been made, all the participants who share that characteristic must leave their sit and run to find another available chair.
  4. The person who has made the statement must run to find an available seat as well. This person is almost always able to take a chair; therefore, a new person will stand with no chair and make a new statement to continue the game.
  5. To make the game funnier a new rule can be added: the person standing without a chair can shout Hurricane!, which makes all the players jump out of their seat and run to find a new free chair.
  6. The session shouldn’t last more than 5-10 minutes. [2]

Job Aid

Pdf.png Conducting a Strong Wind Blow exercise


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