Open Learning Environment (OLE)

Open Learning Environment (OLE)

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Term2.png Open Learning Environment
A Learning environment where the learner learns through a process of self exploration and discovery. In an open learning environment, the learner plays an active role, deciding what is to be learned, when and how. Unlike the traditional lecture based methods, the learner is at the centre of the learning process. The following video will put this idea to perspective.

Learners in an open environment work with a context and are often given a task to complete. Hence the learner has a hands-on experience, being exposed to real problems and learning in the process of solving the task.


The video [1] presents an ideal example of an open learning environment. Here the learner plays an active role, collecting material from different sources and creating dynamic learning content for the course.

Learning in this environment is also a social process where the learner builds a network of other learners and resource persons. Therefore, part of the challenge is to build and maintain this network. As in any other social process, the learner’s active contribution is also valued, as he/she shares knowledge with this group.

Open learning environments often require the heavy use of popular technology as tools for searching, collecting, organising, evaluating and communicating information. Unlike the traditional learner, the learner in an open environment exercises multiple facets of his cognition during the learning process.

The role of the teacher is also different in an open learning environment. He/She is no more at the centre of the learning process but instead plays the role of a scaffold, directing, guiding and facilitating the learner. The teacher ensures that there is a structure, preventing the learner from straying away from the path while in the process of self exploration[2]


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