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Collaborative work in which students read and examine a portion of a reading assignment and report what they've learned to the entire group; an effective way to vary content according to its complexity or depth. A way to involve students in the subject matter presented in text. [1]


Toolkit.png How to conduct a Jigsaw Session


  • Efficient way to learn
  • Learning is coming from the participants
  • It is a collaborative effort, as participants are responsible for the process and its achievement
  • Emphasis on interpersonal and interactive skills
  • Focus on speaking and listening skills
  • Participants also engage in reflective and creative thinking throughout the process

Step by Step

  1. All participants should be divided into different groups. These groups should be diverse, but equal in terms of numbers.
  2. Each participant in the group should be assigned a topic and given handouts with information regarding that topic. Given the fact that each participant in these groups has a different topic assigned to them, the groups are now called Jigsaw Groups. (Picture A)
  3. You can only have as many topics as you have people in each group.
  4. In each group there should be a group leader.
  5. Then each participant from the jigsaw group should join their expert group. These groups should consist of all the participants that were assigned the same topic. (Picture B)
  6. Each group should become familiar with the topic assigned and make sure they all understand it as they will have to teach it back to the other participants.
  7. All participants should come back to their initial jigsaw group.
  8. Each expert should teach their topic to the group by presenting it and encouraging questions and clarifications. All participants should also become experts on the different topics.
  9. At the end of the session there should be an assessment activity on each topic so that participants realize what they have learned by using this method.

Groups for Jigsaw Toolkit.jpg

Tips for Facilitators

  1. The groups should be allowed enough time to get familiar with the handouts given for each topic.
  2. Observe the process and ensure it is running smoothly.
  3. Intervene in case some challenges come up.
  4. Make sure that everyone’s understanding of the topic is correct and everyone’s voice is being heard in the process. [2]

Job Aid

Pdf.png How to conduct a Jigsaw session

Link icon.png Web Resources
Below you have resources that provide further information on the Jigsaw Method.
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How to conduct a Jigsaw Method Session Here you can find a very clear explanation, using pictures, on how to conduct a Jigsaw Session.


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