Individualized Learning

Individualized Learning

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Individualized Learning is a learning process that is tailored around a student’s specific needs. The approach acknowledges that different learners have different Learning Styles and bring different sets of personal strengths and knowledge to the classroom that inhibit or stimulate the learning process. As opposed to traditional classroom learning, students will have an individual curriculum and are evaluated in a more personalized way. Course content can be mainly individualized in three ways: [1]

Pace: the amount of time given to a student to learn the content;

Methodology: the way that the instruction is structured and managed;

Content: the material to be learned.

Before the individualized learning process can start, an assessment of the student’s overall knowledge in the subject matter and his/her individual weaknesses and strengths is necessary. On the basis of this evaluation, an individual learning plan can be designed that defines the learning goals and the best learning methodology. After a final assessment has been made, the learner may proceed to the next stage in which he/she will receive their personalized learning material.[2]

See also: Individualized Instruction.

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