Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation

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The term refers to a facilitation tool used in various settings such as meetings, seminars, workshops and, conferences. It is important because it creates a map of a conversation by using big pictures, graphics and text which, when used together, are more quickly and easily absorbed and understood. Using graphic facilitation and graphic recording can help you to communicate effectively and to capture a subject and make it memorable. As it is done in real time, it focuses the group as they work, helps with concentration by capturing and organizing their ideas through the images. This tool helps the participants to clarify differnces and define goals. [1] See also: Dialog Mapping, Facilitator, Concept Modeling

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Introduction to Graphic Facilitation (Video, 9.57 minutes) This video gives you an introduction to Graphic Facilitation.
Why should we use Doodles (Video, 5.51 minutes) Video on why we should use doodles in order to help keep knowledge and how it is innate to humans.


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