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A short activity that develops readiness for the next learning event. They are commonly used after a break to stimulate or refocus the group; they can involve some form of physical activity to "wake up the group". When used they impart energy, vitality and spirit to the learners, enhancing readiness for learning. [1]

Toolkit.png Using Energizers


  • Prepare the material needed.
  • Plan the length of activity and reserve enough time.
  • Outline the expected results of the activity.
  • Give clear instructions.

Job Aid

Pdf.png Using Energizers

MATERIAL.png Additional Materials

Pdf.png Games and Exercices by Unicef

Pdf.png 100 ways to energize

Link icon.png Web Resources
Below you have a list of resources that provide additional information on energizers.
Link Content
www.kstoolkit.org A very simple energizer to replace the boring round of table of self-introductions at the beginning of an international workshop: Ball around the world.
www.corporatedrumming.co.uk A wide variety of energizers that can enliven, enthuse and focus conference delegates.
www.rezaayati.com A series of games and energizers that can be used in a workshop, helping participants to regain energy and also to create a bonding positive atmosphere.
www.trainingmakescents.com An icebreaker exercise proposed by Christie Stearns in the newsletter Seriously Fun Training Tips, a free weekly publication that provides trainers, facilitators, and teachers with various activities to incorporate into their workshops.
www.wilderdom.com Several examples of energizers descriptions and links to additional websites.
www.unssc.org UNICEF - Games and Exercices, section I and II have several examples of energizers.


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