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A portfolio is a purposeful collection of work which illustrates efforts, progress and achievement in one or more areas over time. An electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) uses digital technologies to collect and organize portfolio artifacts in many media types (such as audio, video, graphics and text). Check the video “e-Portofolios for Starters” [1] for a quick overview.


An e-portfolio can also provide opportunities for self-reflection and goal-setting. One of the important and long-lasting outcomes of producing an e-Portfolio is self-esteem building, which comes from recording and reflecting on various achievements and career success.

When utilized on learning events, learners can use it to demonstrate competence, reflect on their learning and exhibit progress over a period of time. An e-Portfolio can also be used as a new form of assessment. Learners can be evaluated on the outcomes of a course based on the artifacts they exhibit in their e-portfolios; it can present an evolution of work in response to interactions with instructors, mentors, peers, etc. See the video below for an example of using e-Portfolios for learning [2].


In an e-Portfolio, you can collect, select, build and publish your best work using electronic technology as the container for everything you have produced. Collecting and sharing your work within an e-Portfolio can provide a great way to reflect on your work, career goals, personal and career development, and life experiences. You can then select the packages you want to share with different audiences, purposes, and circumstances.[3]

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The site provides useful information to create an ePortfolio, including step by step to: collect content; build an ePortfolio, publish and share its contents.


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