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Term2.png BLOG
Contraction of the term “web log”; it refers to a simple webpage consisting of text, images, media objects, or data, to communicate opinion, information, links or personal entries – called blog posts, posts, or entries and displayed in reverse chronological order. A blog is usually maintained by one person who posts the entries – a "blogger”. Blogs often focus on a particular subject area of interest; they tended to be primarily textual, but with the sophistication of technology many bloggers have started incorporating multimedia into their posts. Each post is usually tagged with keywords, which permits the post to be categorized and then traceable within the system once it becomes dated. Generally, blogs allow visitors to add a comment below the entry which then creates a sort of conversation between the primary author and a group of secondary comment contributors who communicate to an unlimited number of readers. [1]

Link icon.png Web Resources
Below you have a list of resources that provide additional information on different aspects of blogs and blogging
Link Content
Skills 2.0 An article that considers how blogging can enrich a learning process. It illustrates what attitude learning professionals should have in order to benefit from the opportunities offered by blogs in terms of collaboration, exchange, information and opinions sharing.
Blogging Shines New Light on Corporate Culture Article that provides suggestions on how to benefit from the opportunities offered by blogs in organizations. Special attention is paid to issues such as data and information protection and critical comments.
Learning and Networking With Blogs Article that highlights how blogging can become a personal learning practice, how blogs can be used to share information between knowledge workers within a team or across an organization and how blogging within the organization can be encouraged.


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