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The definitions and tools published on Click4it are a result of extensive research, analysis, and compilation work. A number of sources have been consulted to produce the information and resources displayed, including web-sites, books, articles, etc. (see bibliography for details).

UNITAR would like to sincerely thank all the authors, editors, and publishers that granted permission to reproduce parts of their copyright material, which allowed the development and publishing of accurate definitions and/or inclusion of highly relevant resources. In particular, the Institute expresses its gratitude to:

  • Alnap Secretariat, for the Annual Review : Learning and Knowledge Management - The Literature and Experience of "Comparable" sectors, 2002.
  • Dr. Benjamin Granger, for the graphs contained in his publication: "Enhancing Training Outcomes in the Context of e-Learning: The Impact of Objective Learner Control, Training Content Complexity, Cognitive Load, Learning Goal Orientation, and Metacognitive Strategies", 2012.
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