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The United Nations Institute of Training and Research has three categories of certificates, issued in his various training activities. They are described on the administrative circular AC/UNITAR/2008/05/Nomenclature for Unitar's cercificates, and are the follows:

  • Diploma

The award of a diploma is the highest level of recognition for accomplishment of a training course. It is delivered exclusively in the training in International Environmental Law, a distance-learning course with coursework submitted through an eighteen months period (long-term training courses), culminating with the submission and approval of a research paper as a pre-requisite for completion. It is signed by the Unitar Executive Director.

  • Certificate of Completion

It is a middle-level certificate, issued for a mid-term training activities, such as fellowships and E-learning courses, requiring a coursework. Also, it is attributed to courses (mid or long-term) that require coursework, but which do not enshrine the preparation of a research paper as a pre-requisite for its completion. The Certificate of Completion is signed by the Associate Directors or Chiefs of Out-posted Offices, on behalf of the Executive Director and holds his name.

  • Certificate of Participation

This certificate is delivered to participants attending training activities such as workshops, seminars, and participants who partially complete the requirements for a certain course but do not fulfil the requisites to obtain a Certificate of Completion. It is signed by the Associate Directors or Chiefs of Out-posted Offices.