Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

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The person responsible for the substantive content of a course. He is an expert, a knowledgeable person in a particular subject area. [1] See also: Domain-Expert
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Subject Matter Experts: 5 Tips for Working With Your Expert (SME) (Video, 3.5 min This video discusses Subject Matter Experts – suggesting strategies you can implement so you’re able to build a strong working relationship with your SME. These 5 tips can be applied to many different projects, not just e-learning or instructional design, but any project SME communication is required.
65 Tips on Managing Projects and SMEs for eLearning This e-book provides tips for Managing your Projects and SME's for eLearning. When you access the link, a short form will need to be completed before you can download the free e-book.’


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