Learning Object

Learning Object

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A bite sized chunk of a large piece of instructional content. It is usually a digital resource and is referred in the context of technology supported learning. A learning object could be a text document, a video, a sound file, a picture or even a website.

Reusability and Interoperability

A learning object usually addresses one stand-alone aspect of the learning content. It is therefore an independent unit which can be reused in multiple learning contexts. As each learning object functions independently of the other, it is easier to add and modify content without disturbing other elements. All learning objects in a piece of instructional content are linked to a learning system in a standardised way, ensuring their interoperability in other learning contexts.

SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is a well known specification to standardise e-learning content. When a learning object is SCORM compliant, it can be easily used and reused in the form of SCOs (Shareable Content Objects) on Moodle, a Learning Management System.

Meta Data

In order to facilitate their easy access and reuse, each learning object is tagged to meta data. Meta data makes learning objects searchable, helping designers locate them. Learning object meta data consists of relevant information about the learning object, including the type of object, author, owner, terms of distribution, format and pedagogical attributes. [1]


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