Competence Framework

Competence Framework

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A collection of competencies and behaviors, exhibited by employees and management when organizations achieve high performance. A competency framework contains detailed indicators related to specific roles and responsibilities across all levels in the organization, articulating both the expected outcomes of an individual’s efforts and the manner in which these activities are carried out. Also, competence frameworks focuses on learning and development strategies, allowing the organization to establish a competence database. The aim is to identify people who would benefit from placement in new roles, enhancing the organization’s ability to respond to change by supporting the broadening of staff competency sets. [1]

It is used to help people develop a shared sense of the values of the organization, and provide:

  • A statement of the behaviors that are expected, valued and rewarded in the workplace.
  • A framework for integrating human resource development processes of approaches to managing change.
  • A common and consistent language for discussing performance and potential at the individual, group and organizational levels.
  • A means of matching people to work requirements and career opportunities. See also: performance, competence.


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