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The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) was established in 1965 as an autonomous body within the United Nations with the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of the Organization through appropriate training and research.

UNITAR’s mission is to deliver innovative training and conduct research on knowledge systems to develop the capacity of beneficiaries. To concretize this mission UNITAR implements various training activities in the field of sustainable development, supporting developing countries to enhance the capacity of their civil servants. The Institute operates on the principle that only carefully designed and implemented training programmes can make a lasting contribution to capacity development at the national level.

The training terminology was developed with the purpose of harmonizing and standardizing the terms used in UNITAR's training activities. The advantages of such a standardization are the improvement of the clarity of the information and a reduction of its ambiguity. It can also help in harmonizing the communication within the organization.

UNITAR's training terminology has not been developed as a novelty work. In most of the cases it is a research compilation of definitions already available in a number of websites, articles, books and various other sources available on-line, with all the sources being acknowledged.

This terminology has been developed through a MediaWiki web-site as the intention is to have a dynamic environment, where users can contribute with new elements for the terms and associated toolkits.