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Adult Learning

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Term that denotes the entire body of ongoing learning processes, formal or otherwise, whereby adults develop their abilities, enrich their knowledge, and improve their technical or professional qualifications or turn them in a new direction to meet their own needs and those of their society. Adult learning is formally known as Andragogy. It encompasses both formal and continuing education, non-formal learning and the spectrum of informal and incidental learning available in a multicultural learning society, where theory- and practice-based approaches are recognized.[1] One of the most important characteristics of the way adults learn is that they have already accumulated knowledge and experiences that they can add to or hinder the learning process. All the accumulated knowledge will represent a personal bank, against which future learning events will be compared and to which new concepts will be related. Adults learn from experiences: they observe, reflect, and integrate what they have learned in past experiences. Adults are at the origin of their own learning and to become committed to learning they must have a reasonable expectation that the knowledge gained will help them further their goals. They will need to see that the professional development learning is relevant and related to their day-to-day activities. [2] See also: Adult Education, Adult Learning Principles, A.D.D.I.E Model, Andragogy and Accelerated Learning.

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Getting more from e-learning

(Video, 30 minutes)

This is an excerpt from the presentation of Bryan Hopkins about concepts and guidelines for adult learning and e-learning held at the UNITAR Headquarters in Geneva, 6 April 2011.
Accelerated Learning: The Extreme Training Makeover

(Video, 22 minutes)

This videos is an introduction to the concept of Accelerated Learning (AL), a system for speeding up and enhancing both the training design process and the learning process. This video will touch upon fundamental concept of instructional design and adult learning, as the one related to the importance of social interaction and the fact that the learning process is not sequential.
Malcolm Shepherd Knowles' 5 Assumptions Of Adult Learners What 'Andragogy' means and which are Knowles’ 5 assumptions of Adult Learners? Are you familiar with Knowles’ 4 Principles Of Andragogy? At the following post you will find several highly recommended resources on Malcolm Knowles’ Adult Learning Theory.
Pinterest Board on Adult Learning


Check out Click4it's Pinterest Board on Adult Learning and discover the principles of Adult Learning!


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